• Sunday Live Jazz Featuring Rhonda Benin 8/14/2022

    Free HOUSE drink with each pre purchased ticket!! $15.00 Soul Food Dinner Full Bar and Lounge Jam Session/Open Mic Immediately Following the Show Purchase Now w/ free drink HERE
  • Napata Mero 7/31/22

    Sunday Jazz at Geoffrey's Inner Circle 1(one) FREE HOUSE DRINK with each PRE-PURCHASED TICKET PURCHASE NOW https://www.eventbrite.com/.../live-jazz-at-geoffreys... Like Comment Share
  • DARIA NILE & DARRYL ROWE ~ 7/24/22

    1 (one) FREE HOUSE DRINK w/ EACH PRE-PURCHASED TICKET Pre-Purchase NOW! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE W/ FREE DRINK  07/24/2022 Sunday Live Jazz at Geoffrey's Inner Circle featuring DARIA NILE ...


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