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School of The Getdown Youth Arts Camp

Offered at no cost for youth ages 10-16

Limited Space Available!

A multidisciplinary and fun arts program for youth ages 10-16 of all skill levels, encompassing vocals, music fundamentals, dance, rap & spoken word, drum corps, and percussion.

July 29-August 2, 2024 - 9am-5pm Daily

Student Recital August 3, 4pm

Geoffrey's Inner Circle

For more information or to register visit or contact

School of The Getdown Youth Arts Camp is offered at no cost for youth participants ages 10-16 of all skill levels. Our goal is to instill and cultivate a love of the arts in each student, with a well-rounded, multidisciplinary curriculum. We aim to foster a community based on mutual respect and encouragement so all students can discover and explore their creativity and expression. Each student will embark on a journey of discovery of the arts, studying vocals, music fundamentals, rap & spoken word, percussion, drum corps, and hip-hop dance in a supportive, fun environment. Our powerful faculty roster of renowned educators, artists, and performers will guide students of all levels through a life-changing learning experience covering diverse cultural traditions and forms of expression.

Vocals - Faye Carol

Discover the joy of singing and explore your voice through harmony, repertoire, and improv.

Music Fundamentals - Kito Kamili

Explore the basics of music theory in unique and fun ways that include dancing, hip-hop and R&B.

The Art of Rap - Kev Choice

Explore the art of rap, spoken word, and storytelling as a tool of social justice, empowerment, and self-expression.

Percussion - Jesus Diaz

Learn cultural rhythmic traditions of Latin America through a diverse array of instruments, grooves, & sounds.

Drum Corps - John Omayga Adams

Develop your rhythm, rudiments, and groove in a classic drum corps ensemble setting.

Hip-Hop Dance - Charles Simon

Get in the groove and get hip to hip-hop moves, grooves, and choreography.

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