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As We Re-open from the pandemic, thanking you for your support

This is a shout out and a big thank you to all of our many friends who have come out to support the Inner Circle for our return to live jazz following the yearlong shutdown due to the Coronavirus.  Our live jazz performances have actually been test runs leading up to our Grand Reopening. We will be sending out details of that great event in the near future. Look for it.

Meanwhile, we also wish to thank those of you who contributed to our Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for the re-opening ( We consider these contributions a helping hand up, not a hand-out, and we are putting those funds to good use, returning it in the form of joy and entertainment to a community desperately in need of a lifting of spirits and a laying on of musical hands. That is now—as it has always been—Geoffrey’s Inner Circle’s specialty.

We’re glad that the situation has progressed enough that we are able to gather together once again in movement and in song, and to raise glasses of fellowship once more to ourselves, to those who have so far survived this terrible plague, and those beloved among us who have passed on.

So, here’s hoping to continue to see all of you in person in the weeks to come. Stay safe until then.

Your brother and friend,

Geoffrey Pete
September 3, 2021

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