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Hand Jive - The Johnny Otis Show

Johnny Otis was the child of Greek immigrants who grew up among Black People in Berkeley, identifying with Black People and Black music for the rest of his life. As a performer, musician, composer, band leader, and music producer, he was instrumental in preserving and advancing Black music throughout the country and the world in the 1940's and '50s, discovering many important Black musical talents and giving them their first opportunities to shine. He wrote the original lyrics to the song "Hound Dog" which Big Mama Thorton initially made famous. When the song was bought for use by Elvis Presley, those Johnny Otis lyrics were scrubbed and sanitized to make them completely unrecognizable.

"Willie And The Hand Jive," performed here, was one of Johnny Otis' signature songs, and made it to the top music charts in the 1960's.

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