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Geoffrey's Inner Circle Elevator Replacement Fund

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410 14th Street and Geoffrey's Inner Circle is a mainstay in our community and the only African American owned cultural center in the Black Arts Movement & Business District in Downtown Oakland.

This building was built in 1908 and is a Historical Landmark. The building was originally built without an elevator. In 1935, the elevator was installed in the building after much deliberation from the members of the former Athenian Nile Club who owned the building until 1997.

Our elevator is currently in need of being replaced. Our patrons depend on this elevator to provide access to the venue. Due to the elevator now being 88 years old, it must be replaced. We are asking our loyal patrons, friends and supporters to join us in raising the capital needed to once again provide inclusion and access to the building for all to enjoy this cultural gem and the rich events presented here.

We thank you for your kindness in advance.

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