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Get Ready for a Night of Vibrational Elevation with SambaFunk! and Oakland Carnival 12/16/23 Live at Geoffrey's Inner Circle

Join us for an unforgettable evening where the rhythms of Africa and Brazil collide, creating an ecstatic explosion of music and dance that will lift every spirit. SambaFunk! presents a live music extravaganza featuring the electrifying sounds of Funkternal and the pulsating beats of the Funkytime Players. Immerse yourself in the powerful performances by the mesmerizing Funkquarians, who will showcase the divine feminine and ancestral vibrations through their dance. Our DJ will be spinning the hottest music from the African diaspora adding to the vibrant tapestry of the night.

This isn't just a fundraiser; it's a FUNKraiser. It's movement medicine for the soul. As we gather to raise funds for the iconic Oakland Carnival, feel the healing vibrations filling the air and uniting our community. A multicultural and intergenerational event, we weave together joy and positive energy throughout Oakland where every step and beat reconnects us with our community and heritage. Enjoy this night of mingling with the Bay Area carnival community.

SambaFunk! serves and preserves the culture for Oakland and the Bay Area. With our fusion of African American and African Brasilian cultures, every moment promises to be magical and blessed. Join the Funkquarians for our annual holiday Funkraiser, catch a vibe and be part of this joyous celebration of life, community, and culture.

Geoffrey's Inner Circle serving the community for 30 years and counting!

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