Rename the Ashby BART Station in Berkeley to the Mable Howard Station


For too long, Black Americans have not gotten the recognition they deserve for their work.

You can help to fix that.

Sign this petition to honor Berkeley African American leader and activist Mable Howard. Mable Howard led many political and community projects. Her lawsuit against Bay Area Rapid Transit in 1968 forced the transit agency to underground the trains that traveled through her neighborhood, preventing the division of the black and white sections of town by a set of tracks, as well as saving the commercial district in the predominantly African American neighborhood of South Berkeley from destruction.

50 years ago, the community requested that the BART station of South Berkeley be named in her honor, but the request was denied.

Sign this petition to change that!

Today, we can easily honor her legacy with a simple name change, which is supported by Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, Council Member Ben Bartlett, and the Howard family. As the demographics of South Berkeley change, it becomes especially important to recognize the rich history of the African American community of Berkeley.

2018 is the 50-year anniversary of the undergrounding of BART in South Berkeley, keeping the community together.

Will you help change the name of the Ashby BART station to the Mable Howard Station?

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